About Me

I’m Yorkshire born and bred.  I grew up in Sheffield and love the city and it’s surroundings.  After studying FIne Art I ended up in London working for a homelessness charity.  2 years later I moved back to my home city and now work with a fabulous local charity called Roundabout which works with homeless young people in the Sheffield area.  Before moving, I took the opportunity to have an adventure and decided to cycle to Istanbul.  Since then cycling touring has become important to me, mostly for the magical encounters with people from anywhere in the world who show kindness to strangers.

When I cycle I use two websites Warm Showers and Couchsurfing to stay with and meet the most kind and friendly people in the world.  I don’t like cycling in circles so I tend to be going somewhere.  Spending a day on a bike offers a lot of time to think and this website is a place for me to write down some of my ideas and experiences.  I hope I can share the optimism of adventure that cycle touring offers.

The first time I thought my journey’s had anything to do with pilgrimage was after watching Simon Reeve on pilgrimage.  He writes in the Telegraph that it is not about piety and blisters but rather about escape and adventure.  Whilst there needs to be a destination I have found the journey more enlightening than the arrival.  The destination is merely a means to an end.